Choose a film and organize your own screening. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain and the unity of Europe.

In 1989, the Iron Curtain collapsed. Millions of people escaped the yoke of totalitarianism and Europe was once again united under democracy. Celebrate 30 years of freedom with us. Screen one of the films below.

It's easy: you just need a laptop, a projector, and a screen. Pick a movie and we’ll take care of everything else.
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Citizen Havel

The most famous documentary about Václav Havel with some juicy details about Czech politics.

CZE 2008 | 82 min | documentary | DIRECTOR: Pavel Koutecký| LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: English

Price: 200 EUR

Authentic Weeklies

The official Czechoslovak media covers the Velvet Revolution.

CZE 1989 | 110 min | documentary |LANGUAGE: Czech

Price: 80 EUR

Velvet Revolution

In the thick of events in November 1989.

CZE 1989 | 70 min | documentary |DIRECTOR: Jiří Střecha, Petr Slavík | LANGUAGE: English

Price: 80 EUR

Wisdom Teeth

One bad day behind the Iron Curtain...

CZE 2014 | 82 min | drama | DIRECTOR: Jiří Strach | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: English

Price: 200 EUR


First and only film by Václav Havel as a movie director.

CZE 2011 | 94 min | comedy/drama | DIRECTOR: Václav Havel | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: English

Price: 200 EUR

Tender Waves

Romantic comedy about who "really" caused the Velvet Revolution.

CZE 2013 | 96 min | comedy| DIRECTOR: Jiří Vejdělek | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: English (movie available worldwide - except of Czech Republic)

Price: 200 EUR

Wonderful Times - November 17, 1989

An episode from a Czech family saga set during 80s.

CZE 2012 | 52 min | comedy/drama | DIRECTOR: Martin Dolenský, Biser Arichtev | LANGUAGE: Czech

Price: 200 EUR

Why Havel?

Václav Havel's lesser known life - through the eyes of Vojtěch Jasný and Miloš Forman.

CZE/CAN 1991 | 95 min | documentary |DIRECTOR: Vojtěch Jasný | JAZYK: česky | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: English

Price: 80 EUR

Czech Century - The Last Hurray

Docudrama from the heart of the Velvet Revolution.

CZE 2014 | 83 min | drama | DIRECTOR: Robert Sedláček | LANGUAGE: Czech

Price: 200 EUR

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